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Zilog’s Z8 Encore! F0830 Series of MCUs is the first in a line of Zilog microcontroller products based on the 8-bit eZ8 CPU and offering Flash in-circuit programming capability that allows for faster development time and program changes in the field.

The Z8F0130 MCU offers 1KB of in-circuit-programmable Flash memory, 256 bytes of RAM, up to 64 bytes of nonvolatile data storage and up to 8 ADC channels and up to 8 ADC channels in multiple 20- and 28-pin package types. The eZ8 CPU is also upward-compatible with the existing Z8 CPU instruction set.

The rich peripheral set of these Z8 Encore! F0830 Series MCUs makes them suitable for a variety of applications including motor control, security systems, home appliances, personal electronic devices and sensors.

Build your application with the Z8 Encore! F083A Series (28-Pin) Development Kit (Z8F083A0128ZCOG).

The F0830 Series MCU is RoHS-compliant.

Z8F0130 Features
  • 20MHz eZ8 microprocessor core
  • 1KB Flash memory with in-circuit programming capability
  • 256B register RAM
  • 64B EEPROM capability
  • Up to 8-channel, 10-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) with a fast 11.9µs conversion time
  • On-chip analog comparator
  • Two 16-bit timers with Capture, Compare and PWM capabilities
  • Watchdog Timer (WDT)
  • 17 to 23 I/O pins depending upon package
  • Up to 18 interrupts with configurable priority
  • On-chip debugger, Voltage Brown-Out Protection, Power-On Reset
  • 0°C to +70°C standard temperature and –40°C to +105°C extended temperature operating ranges
Z8 Encore! F0830 Series Block Diagram

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