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Zilog’s ZMOTION® Detection Module II (ZDM II) is a complete motion detection solution ideally suited for applications that need to detect human presence. It is an excellent solution for detecting people as they approach entrances, kiosks, product displays, vending machines, appliances and advertising displays.

The ZMOTION Detection Module II is a board-level product that combines the unique features of Zilog's Z8FS040 Motion Detection Microcontroller with a pyroelectric sensor and lens. The module is only 25.5 mm x 16.7 mm and can easily fit into many size-constrained applications.

ZDM II is simple to use. It can operate in a Hardware mode that simply activates an output signal when motion is detected, or it can operate in a Serial mode, allowing it to communicate to another processor in your system over an asynchronous interface (UART) when greater control over motion detection performance is required. In each mode, sensitivity and output activation time can be controlled to match application requirements. For applications that require ambient light sensing, an input supporting an external light sensor is provided; this input can be used to gate motion detection output.

Zilog’s ZMOTION Detection Module II Evaluation Kit makes it quick and easy to integrate ZDM II into your own custom application.

And, if you're looking for a great way to reduce design effort and eliminate development risk for any device that needs motion detection capability, check out the new ZMOTION Detection Module II Reference Design (ZEPIR000103ZRDG).

All ZMOTION products are RoHS-compliant.

ZEPIR0BAS0 Features
  • 8-pin interface connector with right-angle orientation
  • Complete motion detection solution including pyroelectric sensor and clip-on lens
  • Direct sensor interface and advanced software based motion detection algorithms provide superior sensitivity and stability
  • Small form factor: only 25.5 mm x 16.7 mm (1
  • Circular 9.0 mm lens
  • 95-degree detection pattern with adjustable range/sensitivity
  • Simple hardware or advanced serial (UART) based configuration and interface
  • Adjustable sensitivity and output activation time and support for Ambient Light Sensor input
  • Serial mode includes unique Hyper Sense feature that automatically increases sensitivity after motion is detected
  • Sleep Mode for low power applications
  • Minimal components ensures high reliability (no electrolytic capacitors)
  • Modify the application code to suit your own application requirements

The ZMOTION Detection Module II With Right-Angle Connector

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