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The S3F80P5 MCU, a member of Zilog’s S3F8 Series of S3 MCUs, offers a fast and efficient Z8-compatible CPU, 18 KB of Flash memory, and a wide range of integrated peripherals.

The S3 Family CPU features an efficient register-oriented architecture and a sophisticated interrupt controller that allow for fast context switching. Flash memory is CPU-programmable and offers a 144-byte sector size.

This device features 19 bit-programmable pins, 3 timer/counters, one basic timer, includes 17 interrupt sources with 14 vectors, and can recognize up to 8 interrupt levels. As such, the S3F80P5 MCU is designed specifically for multi-function remote control applications.

The S3F80P5 MCU is offered in the following 3 package types:

  • 24-pin ELP
  • 24-pin SOP
  • Pellet (Die)

For technical assistance with this or any of Zilog's S3 Family of products, log in to Zilog's Technical Support interface to create a support ticket, and select S3 Family from the Product Line menu. For sales inquiries, please contact a Zilog S3 Family sales representative.

Third Party Tools for Zilog's S3 Family of products are listed on our Third Party Tools page.

S3F80P5 Features
  • SAM88 Z8-Compatible CPU Core
  • 18 KB internal Flash program memory
  • 144-byte sector size
  • CPU-programmable with LDC instruction
  • Fast 20 µs byte programming time
  • 1 KB executable RAM
  • 272-byte general purpose data memory
  • 78 CISC instructions
  • 17 interrupt sources with 14 vectors and 7 levels
  • 19 bit-programmable pins
  • One programmable 8-bit basic timer, one 8-bit timer/counter and two 16-bit timer/counters
  • Low voltage detect circuit
S3F80P5 Block Diagram

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