Development Tool Kit: Z8F6481 ZMOTION Library Development Kit (ZMOTIONL300ZCOG)

Zilog’s Z8F6481 ZMOTION Library Development Kit provides a general-purpose platform for evaluating the capabilities and operation of the ZMOTION Engine Library using the Z8F6481 Series of microcontrollers. Zilog’s ZMOTION Engine Library provides an integrated and flexible solution for Passive Infra-Red (PIR)-based motion detection applications. The Software library is comprised of the PIR sensor signal processing algorithms for motion detection, transient and noise detection, white light detection, and several other motion-related functions and is integrated with the user’s application code. This allows the designer to create their own application-specific software while taking advantage of Zilog’s ZMOTION Motion Detection technology.

Kit Features

This kit is equipped with two Z8F6481 series MCUs and comes complete with various lenses and PIR sensors to test the ZMOTION Engine Library for multiple applications.

Z8F6481 ZMOTION Library Development Board

  • Two Z8F6481QN024XK2247 ZMOTION MCUs
    • Normal Power configuration
    • Low Power configuration
  • USB Serial Interface
  • Tamper switches
  • Ambient Light Sensors
  • Status LEDs
  • Variable power supply 2.0V to 3.3V


The kit includes ten lenses. Four mounting options are supported – Clip on, PCB Mount, Circular Holder, and Rectangular Holder.

PIR Sensors

The PIR sensors included with the kit are:

  • ZRE200GE
  • ZSBG323671
  • ZSBG446671

The ZRE200GE sensor is soldered on the board.



Download the ZMOTIONL300ZCOG software (Product ID #SD00055)


The ZMOTION 20-Pin Detection and Control Development Kit is RoHS-compliant.


ZMOTION Detection and Control Development Kit

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Associated Documentation
Doc ID Title Doc Type
UM0275 ZMOTION Engine Library for the F6482 Series User Manual
UM0289 Z8F6481 ZMOTION Library Development Kit User Manual User Manual
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