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The ZGATE™ Embedded Security Firewall combines the eZ80F91 MCU and Zilog’s full-featured ZTP Embedded Internet Software Suite and TCP/IP Stack with a world-class embedded firewall. This highly-configurable firewall protects the ZTP networking layers from attack by discarding suspicious packets before they reach ZTP and your embedded application.

The ZGATE™ Firewall includes a static packet filtering engine that filters packets according to user-defined configuration rules and a stateful packet inspection engine that can automatically filter suspicious packets based on unusual activity. Additionally, select ZGATE™ products include threshold-filtering mechanisms that can minimize the affect of packet floods.

The eZ80F91 MCU is industry’s first MCU featuring a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller with an integrated 10/100 BaseT EMAC. It is a power-efficient, optimized pipeline architecture microcontroller with a maximum operating speed of 50 MHz. Offering on-chip Flash Memory, SRAM, Ethernet MAC, and rich peripherals, the eZ80F91 is well-suited for industrial, communication, automation, security, and embedded Internet applications.

The ZGATE™ Firewall is offered in three packages to accommodate your development requirements, as indicated in the following table:

Standard Package Extended Package Premium Package*

Static filtering Yes Yes Yes

Stateful packet inspection Yes Yes Yes

Port, protocol
and address limits
15 ports,
10 protocols,
10 IP addresses
& 10 MAC addresses
100 ports,
100 protocols,
100 IP addresses
& 100 MAC addresses
100 ports,
100 protocols,
100 IP addresses
& 100 MAC addresses

based filtering
No No Yes

*The ZGATE™ Embedded Security Development Kit (ZGATE000100ZCOG) ships with the Premium firewall package.

EZ80F91GA Features
  • Easily add secure Ethernet capability to your products
  • Easy implementation for complicated network stacks
  • Zilog full-featured TCP/IP Software Suite
  • Embedded firewall with easily configured filtering rules
  • 50 MHz high-performance eZ80 CPU with Ethernet Media Access Control (EMAC)
  • 256KB Flash Program Memory with 16KB high-speed SRAM (including 8K for EMAC)
  • 32 GPIO ports
  • External memory interface
  • Supports multiple network protocols
  • Includes multiple servers/clients
  • Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)
  • API for event logging

The ZGATE™ Embedded Security Firewall

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