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The eZ80F91 Mini Enet Module, a member of Zilog’s eZ80AcclaimPlus! family, is a compact, high performance Ethernet module specially designed for the rapid development and deployment of embedded systems requiring remote control and Internet/Intranet connectivity. This expandable module is powered by the eZ80F91 Ethernet controller, featuring a power-efficient, high-speed, optimized pipeline architecture.

The eZ80F91 MPU is a high-speed plus single-cycle instruction-fetch device, which can operate at a clock speed of 50 MHz in Z80–compatible addressing mode (64 KB) or full 24-bit addressing mode (16 MB).

The compact size and rich peripheral set of the eZ80F91 Mini Enet Module makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial control, IrDA connectivity, communication, security, automation, point-of-sale terminals, and embedded networking applications.

Build your embedded application with the eZ80F91 Modular Development Kit (eZ80F910200KITG).

The eZ80F91 Mini Enet Module is RoHS-compliant.

EZ80F916 Features
  • Factory-default 5MHz crystal oscillator input, 50MHz maximum operating speed via PLL
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet PHY with RJ45 connector
  • 128KB external high-speed SRAM
  • 256KB on-chip Flash memory
  • 8KB on-chip SRAM
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC) support
  • I/O connector provides 32 general-purpose 5V-tolerant I/O pin-outs
  • On-board connector provides I/O bus for external peripheral connections (IRQ, /CS, 24 addresses)
  • Connection to the eZ80AcclaimPlus! Development Platform via two 56-pin mini-headers
  • Small 50mm x 47.5mm footprint
  • 3.3V power supply
EZ80F91 Mini Enet Module Architecture

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