Development Tool Kit: eZ80F91 Modular Development Kit (eZ80F910200KITG)

Considering a new design? Zilog has a more powerful single-board option. Check out the eZ80AcclaimPlus! Development Kit.

The eZ80F91 Modular Development Kit offers a complete development environment for embedded designers to design and debug eZ80Acclaim applications. It is optimized for ease of use and is compatible with Zilog's Modular Development System (MDS) appliation boards. The kit includes an eZ80F91 Development Board, an eZ80F91 Mini Ethernet Module, USB Smart Cable, power supply, and ZDS II IDE with a full version ANSI C-Compiler.

  • eZ80 Modular Development Board
  • eZ80F91 Mini Module
  • USB Smart Cable
  • 6-circuit ribbon cable
  • Universal 5 VDC power supply

  • Zilog Developer Studio II – eZ80Acclaim! Integrated Development Environment
  • ANSI C-Compiler
  • Sample code
  • Acrobat Reader install program
  • Document browser

The eZ80F91 Modular Development Kit is RoHS-compliant.

The eZ80F91 Modular Development Kit

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