Development Tool Kit: ZNEO Z16F Series Development Kit (Z16F2800100ZCOG)

The ZNEO Z16F Series of Flash microcontrollers represents Zilog's evolution into 16-bit processing. Use the ZNEO Z16F Series Development Kit both to evaluate and create your ZNEO Z16F Series MCU product solution. The development platform includes Zilog's Developer Studio II (ZDS II) Integrated Development Environment as well as a complete suite of ZNEO Z16F microcontroller architecture software tools. ZDSII provides an enviroment that streamlines code compilation and development. Tools include a language-sensitive editor, project manager, assembler, linker, librarian, debugger and a full ANSI C-Compiler.

  • ZNEO MDS board
  • USB Smart Cable
  • 6-circuit ribbon cable
  • Universal 5 VDC power supply
  • ZNEO Technical Documentation CD-ROM

  • Zilog Developer Studio II – ZNEO Integrated Development Environment
  • ANSI C-Compiler
  • Sample code
  • Acrobat Reader install program
  • Document browser

The ZNEO Z16F Series Development Kit is RoHS-compliant.

The ZNEO Z16F Series Development Board

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UM0202 ZNEO Z16F Series Development Kit User Manual User Manual
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