Development Tool Kit: S3 Flash In-System Programmer II (S3USBISP000ZACG)

Zilog’s S3 Flash In-System Programmer II provides an interface between any development or application board with an S3 microcontroller device to the high-speed USB port of a PC on which Zilog Developer Studio II for S3 Family devices (ZDS II – S3) is installed.


The In-System Programmer II (ISP II) allows the Flash memory space on any S3 Family device to be programmed, and also offers limited debugging capabilities when used together with the Zilog Debug Library.


The following features are available with the S3 Flash In-System Programmer II when using ZDS II for S3 Family devices:


  • Download code to Flash and begin program execution
  • Break program execution arbitrarily
  • Single-step debug application, view/edit memory and S3 special function registers; resume normal program operation after a breakpoint
  • Insert multiple breakpoints in a program at compile/assembly time.


Kit Contents
  • S3 Flash In-System Programmer II
  • USB cable with Type-A and Type Mini-B connectors
  • 10-wire ribbon cable




Download the latest version of the following free software:


  •   ZDS II - S3
Zilog's S3 Flash In-System Programmer II is RoHS-compliant.
The S3 Flash In-System Programmer II Kit

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