Development Tool Kit: S3F8S5A Development Kit (S3F8S5A0100ZCOG)

Evaluate your S3F8S5A-based designs and applications with the S3F8S5A Development Kit, a complete development solution that provides all of the necessary hardware and software tools to get you developing quickly.
The S3F8S5A Development Kit contains the following items:
  • S3F8S5A Development Board
  • S3 Flash ISP II
  • 10-circuit ribbon cable
  • USB A (male) to Mini-B USB cable (2pcs)
  • S3F8S5A Development Kit hardcopy insert


This S3F8S5A Development Board itself contains the following components:



  • S3F8S5A 44-pin QFP MCU
  • LCD module
  • Buzzer/Speaker
  • UART header
  • 256 byte Serial EEPROM
  • Test Points headers for all pins of MCU
  • Four LEDs
  • Two pushbuttons
  • MCU current measurement Test points
  • ADC adjustable input voltage


Download the latest version of the following free software:

  • ZDS II -S3
The S3F8S5A Development Kit

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