• 8-pin interface connector with straight-pin orientation
  • Complete motion detection solution including pyroelectric sensor and clip-on lens
  • Direct sensor interface and advanced software based motion detection algorithms provide superior sensitivity and stability
  • Small form factor: only 25.5 mm x 16.7 mm (1
  • Circular 9.0 mm lens
  • 95-degree detection pattern with adjustable range/sensitivity
  • Simple hardware or advanced serial (UART) based configuration and interface
  • Adjustable sensitivity and output activation time and support for Ambient Light Sensor input
  • Serial mode includes unique Hyper Sense feature that automatically increases sensitivity after motion is detected
  • Sleep Mode for low power applications
  • Minimal components ensures high reliability (no electrolytic capacitors)
  • Modify the application code to suit your own application requirements
The ZMOTION Detection Module II With Straight-Pin Connector

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