Zilog’s Z16FMC Series Motor Control Development Kit includes all of the components necessary to begin development with the Z16FMC Motor Control MCU.


The development kit features a Motor Control Modular Development System (MC MDS) module mounted on a 3-Phase Motor Control Application Board. A 24 VDC, 3200 RPM 3-phase motor is included with the kit.


Key features of the Z16FMC Series Motor Control Development Kit include:



  • MC MDS Module
  • 3-Phase Motor Control Application Board
  • USB Smart Cable with opto-isolator
  • 3-phase 24VDC, 30W, 3200RPM motor with spade connectors and Internal Hall Sensors (powered by external adjustable 24 VDC supply, not included in kit)
  • Universal 5 VDC power supply



  • Zilog Developer Studio II – ZNEO Integrated Development Environment
  • ANSI C-Compiler
  • Sample code
  • Acrobat Reader install program
  • Document browser





Kit Contents for Z16FMC28200KITG

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